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3D2N Zen and Organic Farm Treehouse

A stay in authentic treehouse in remote area of Cameron Highland. Consider the luxurious fresh air and scenic view offered and are welcomed to take your own lazy time, slow down your pace, breath in the fresh air and enjoy mother nature at its best!

Experience a 4-wheel drive across the lush vegetation site to the treehouse then wind down at the waterfall for a head and shoulder water massage - good to recharge after a tiring day.

The food served is a great highlight as all the veges are directly from the in house bio-dynamic farm. 

If you are up to it, participate in the trekking to view the water source and sunrise at the hill.

There are so much to do but the best thing to do is to do NOTHING. Indulge yourself in the woods and have a dialogue with nature. This will be the greatest gift for you here.

Hike difficulty level: Easy
Suitability for kids (<12yo): Yes



DAY  1 

Meet up at designated point at 2pm to take the 4 wheel drive (included). Getting to the treehouse requires a 4 wheel drive off-road journey. We start the journey with an adventure - passing through numbers of farms and orchards, via a narrow and bumpy trail that will take up to half an hour drive.  Upon arrival at treehouse, we will check into our treehouse and proceed to have tea while we do briefing of the farm. Then we do our first hike to the waterfall, to get rid off all the tiredness traveling far from town. Guest can shower in the waterfall and we do have a spot for head and shoulder massage - the best for those who having stiffness on their shoulder. Plenty of negative ion in the waterfall as well, which is good to recharge after a tiring day. After back from waterfall, guest will enjoy healthy organic vegetables dinner. The food is a great highlight as all the veges is directly from the bio-dynamic farm and using the best pot to do the cooking with organic cooking oil. Later towards the night, we will have bonfire, and prepare supper with banana and other organic food for BBQ.

On the next day morning, we can opt to go for a trek to see our water source after breakfast. This is a place where we will trek around 45 minutes into the jungle and get a drink of the high energy mountain-spring water.

During the afternoon time, free and easy time for guests to walk around area, visiting other treehouses or take a small tour in the fruits and vegetable garden.

There are so much to do in area but the best thing to do is to do NOTHING. Indulge yourself in the woods and have a dialogue with nature. This will be the greatest gift for you here. Lunch and and dinner will be served for the 2nd day


On the last day, you can opt to go for a sunrise trekking early in the morning at 6am where we going to trek to the top of our mountain to see sunrise. Come back for breakfast after the hike and you can continue visiting the nearby farm to check for ripe fruits before checking out at 1130am and back to the real world.



  1. Experience tour coordinator and guide

  2. 4 wheel drive transport to/from treehouse to car park

  3. Scrumptious Organic and Vegetarian Food

Day1: Tea, Dinner, Supper

Day2: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Supper 

Day3: Breakfast

4. All organic coffee, tea, flower tea, chinese tea

5. Fresh spring drinking water

6. 3 hikes and fruits/vegetable farm tour

7. Treehouse accommodation built by the Orang Asli

8. Bed sheets and 100% organic cotton quilts

9. Toilet and Hot Shower

10. 24-hours waterfall-powered electricity


1. To/from Cameron Highlands

2. Own toiletries and towels

3. Personal belongings

4. Insurance

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