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and journey to a place you will remember

We show you the nature like a friend would and connect you with what you would like to do for a unique experience. We take a journey to seeing all of the wonders our nature has to offer. We are here to show you the diverse delights of landscape, culture, and cuisine throughout your journey with us. We ventured with places around Malaysia but lately we've been going to Indonesia, Thailand, China, Nepal and with many more to come - all to see the natural beauty these places has to offer.

Why Us


We are passionate about what we do and proud of the natural beauty that it has to offer. We always aim:

  • [to] Achieve the highest level of guest satisfaction possible

  • [to] Continually think and operate innovatively, resourcefully and responsibly in our environment

  • To have fun! This is a genuine passion for the nature and the activities we are showcasing

Why Choose Us?

  1. Experienced Organiser and Eco-Friendly Guide

  2. Tips for Trekking and Camping

  3. Thorough Pre-Event Preparation

  4. Training Included to prepare for high difficulty hike

  5. AMS Information sharing for high altitude hike

  6. Constant and up-to-date Weather Forecast

  7. Tummy Fulfilling and Yummy Food

  8. Safety First with Certified First Aid Responder

  9. Great photo with Group photo-sharing

  10. Post-Event activities and trips


All our carefully crafted trips and journeys explore the natural beauty that's got to offer with every care and detail taken care of. Our trips are inspired by our own experiences - you won’t find them anywhere else because they are, quite simply, the way the locals like to see and do.


3D3N Royal Belum Boathouse

Ever wondered what’s it like to sleep on a boat in the middle of a largest man-made lake embracing a thousands years of an old tropical rainforest in South East Asia? Take a cruise to Temenggor lake on a typical houseboat! During the stay, you will participate in different activities, such as jungle trekking, visiting natives, swimming in a waterfall and lake, fishing, BBQ under the moonlight and star-gazing opportunity



2D1N Taman Negara Pahang

This will be an adventure trip into the 130 million years old tropical rainforest – Taman Negara, Malaysia.
In the rainforest, we sleep nowhere but in the cave with the low roar of the beast at night. Open your eyes only see candle light and darkness. We travel Tembeling river by boat and traversed thick Malaysian rainforest. Quick encounter and village tour with the Batek aborigines


Day Hike to 14 Days Various Mountains

The mountains are calling and I must go! We hiked from tropical rainforest of Malaysia, the volcanic ashes of Indonesia, the cooling mountains of China and the world ceiling of Nepal. From a simple 2D1N adventure to an gruelling adventure of 14D13N. Training are included to prepare for some of the high difficulty hike and avoiding Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) are being advised.



Day Hike to 3 Days Various Waterfalls

Don't we absolutely love waterfalls and we already explored many waterfalls in the past. The search always goes to hunt for the tallest one, the loud thundering one or  the magnificent one. Nothing beats the sound, the mesmerizing water flow and the windy gush produced. Join us as we continue our search or perhaps re-visit those in our list.


Day Hike to Multi-Days Deep Jungle Experience

Back to nature with no traffic, no sky-scrappers, no technology and no nothing of the world - just be one with the nature. Experience jungle orchestra with sight and sound that's totally synchronized. If you haven't inhale fresh air before, be aware that your lungs will feel weird initially and then it gets way much better.

It can range from a short easy walk in an urban nature park or preserve to a multi-day trip into a wilderness environment. Rest assured we keep you safe with proper preparation, a guide and a sweeper. 



3D2N Zen and Organic Farm Treehouse

A stay in authentic treehouse in remote area of Cameron Highland. Consider the luxurious fresh air and scenic view offered and are welcomed to take your own lazy time, slow down your pace, breath in the fresh air and enjoy mother nature at its best!



2D1N Real Jungle Camping

Experience outdoor camping jungle style surrounded by pristine and refreshing waterfall. Suitable for those who loves a quick gateway into the wilderness, craves to try outdoor jungle camping and wants to expose themselves for the very first time. And if you are an experienced campers, we welcome you too.


We love taking pictures so photography is a form of the story we fail to put into words. When we explore the nature, we take lots of pictures so that we  don’t have to explain things with words.

Not only we capture the nature as it is but we capture all the moment that's impossible to reproduce so that it remain with you and all of us forever, 

Have a glimpse of our picture gallery here and enjoy

Jungle Waterfall

" We are all immersed into technologies and we should reserve our time accessing this natural world, because that connection is part of our humanity. The more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need "

Our Nature Connection

Calvin Then - Founder

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